Underground Cables Installation

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Specific expertise

The installation of a high-voltage network demands special know-how and expertise, not least because of the weight and the length of the cables. Likewise, conditions in which cables are laid can vary enormously. Different situations apply for cables laid above the ground, under the ground or on the sea bed.

Distinguishing elements

Thomas Edison Electric has made a name for itself by ability of installing high-voltage underground cable connections, from 50 to 400 kV. This is the case, for example, for water crossings, via tunnels and cable landfalls and outfalls. In many such projects, use has to be made of dredging, drilling and laying techniques, specifically developed for these purposes.

No challenge is too big

We do not shy away from challenges in our projects. Much of our strength is derived from grouping together available know-how and experience within our organisation. In addition, we have the capacity to translate complexity and project size into a holistic approach, so that a diversity of cables can be laid in the ground at the same time.

Cable jointing and terminating

Thomas Edison Electric is leading High Voltage cable engineering divisions, Thomas Edison Electric also provide high quality Extra High Voltage jointing and terminating services on a vast array of power cable supplier’s products ranging from 33kV systems up to, and including, 400kV systems.

We can work on numerous power generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy projects all over the world.